Guralp wants to give imports ared, exports a green light

Güralp Crane Chairman of the Board of Directors Alparslan Kurtmen, foreign trade deficit in the name of reducing the import inputs, Turkey has emphasized that the manufacturers who replace imported products with high value added.

The site began industrial activities in an area of 200 square meters in Istanbul in 1991 Güralp currently 15 thousand 500 square meters closed area with an area of 54 thousand square meters in total who serve in Chairman Alparslan Kurtmen Güralp crane, "in Turkey with regional offices in 5 regions 81 through sales, service and installation we offer a service. With 81 from Torbalı, we reached 60 countries on our journey from 81 provinces to the world. We want to give red light to imports and green light to exports," Yesil said.Alparslan Kurtmen stating that they produce electric gezer cranes, “cranes, production and trade is needed at every point is a work machine. At the moment, an important part of our production consists of our standard products. The share of value-added products based on automation is around 10 percent. We aim to increase that to 40 per cent over the medium term. Every smart machine we produce is produced in accordance with the standards of the European Federation of Materials Handling (FEM) and we are the first company in the field to give the undertaking on this issue.""To reduce the imported inputs to our country companies should do studies "to come to a strong position in the world market and to reduce the imported inputs to work in Turkey operating companies should emphasize Kurtmen," follow the technology to develop new products. In that sense, we have started studies. We do product development work in our own field and we have this equipment," he said.Expressing that they turn to special production in order to increase the added value, Kurtmen said, “We can produce special solutions for our customers by listening to their problems, since our establishment we have been producing internal and external field cranes for the marble sector. The 36 transfer car project, consisting of 12 teams, that we made in order to produce solutions through the problems experienced by a company operating in this sector, was quite remarkable. He also provided the company with time and cost gains as well as convenience in regard to job security. In our sector, unfair competition due to the way to evaluate the affordable products gililse taken into consideration the sensitivity of the product and the advantages it will provide, we can say that we are one of the most preferred brands," he said."Students should be directed to vocational high school" Torbalı'da 22 years of activity, training equipped personnel and Industry Development on behalf of the process to contribute to the work they do voicing Kurtmen, said there is a lack of qualified personnel in the sector.Kurtmen, students in vocational high schools should be directed to companies and it is important that they support the economy by closing this gap, he said.Kurtmen, who said that they work together with vocational high schools, said that they met with Torbali Vocational High School and that priority was given to vocational high school students in line with the need, and that many students who graduated from vocational high schools in their region began to work in their bodies. Kurtmen said,” We are doing our best to serve as a bridge at the point of relationship with the industry according to the departments they read, meeting with teachers in order to contribute to our students who are in our company for internship purposes.""We have established the first R & D center in the crane sector “said Kurtmen," the crane sector is developing rapidly and continuously, " the developments in the world are closely followed and the state has opened the way in this regard, he said. Stating that they established the first R & D center in Turkey and it was approved by the Ministry of Industry, Kurtmen said, "We have 37 staff working in this center where we will develop products and processes that will carry our company into the future and this number is increasing day by day.”Kurtmen said that they have contributed to the formation of standards in the sector with the way they have taken in production since the day they started their operations and that in light of technological developments in the world, these contributions will continue to increase with their new projects.

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