Denmark's Wind Turbines Serve Turkey's Cranes

Denmark's Wind Turbines Serve Turkey's Cranes

News: Ebru Şengül Cevrioğlu

Photograph: Güralp Crane / AA

A crane company from Izmir, Güralp Crane general manager Alparslan Kurtmen, operating in Turkey in cooperation with wind equipment manufacturer companies stated that, "this association took us to Denmark. The first request came from a Danish firm. They bought 40-and 100-ton Crane systems from us for their facilities. The 120-ton cranes, which were completed during the outbreak, were also delivered to our customers." said.

Kurtmen, AA correspondent, founded primarily as a small workshop companies in the production of wind energy equipment exports to Denmark, one of the leading countries in the world, he said.

Expressing that they decided to increase their business and change the road map in 2004 with the aim of being a leader in the sector, Kurtmen said that they started operations in Istanbul, Bursa, Ankara and Konya after Izmir.

Kurtmen emphasized that they have been serving in the sector for about 30 years and said, "26 engineers are working in our staff, totally 280 people. Our company has taken very important paths in the production of overhead crane. There are places around the world where certain standards for this product are established, such as the European Federation for Materials Handling (FEM). We are the first member of this society from Turkey and give the undertaking. We export to 67 countries. We have a range of products starting from 1 ton to 200 tons in our crane production capabilities."in his assessment.

"We have followed the development of the wind sector in Turkey very well"

The first foundations of wind energy production factories in Turkey were laid in Izmir, drawing attention to Kurtmen, said:

"The first of these was Enercon. Then Gesbey was founded in Gönen. Subsequently, companies such as TPI Composites, LM Wind Power, Siemens, Fire Steel, CS Wind started their service. There have been initiatives to do business in the Turkish market from countries with the most wind energy know-how, such as Denmark and Germany. Güralp has followed the development of the wind sector in Turkey very well."

"We have minimised risk with technological products and software”

Kurtmen, wind equipment manufacturers operating in Turkey in a good cooperation with the companies stated, said:

"This union took us to Denmark. The first demand came from a Danish firm that processed the hive to which the wind turbine's wings were attached. They bought 40-and 100-ton cranes from us for their facilities. The same company received 4 more cranes of 120 tons as part of its investment in Germany. These cranes, which were manufactured during the outbreak, were also delivered to our customers. Our company continues its services without interruption thanks to the cooperation it has established abroad. The winches also need to be special and reliable in order to handle the equipment created as a result of special designs required by wind turbines. We are able to follow these processes with our technological products and proprietary software, as well as providing Industry 4.0 infrastructure for our customers and eliminating risks."

Support for more than 100 projects from the firm

Güralp crane, which has been producing lifting machines, crane systems, bridge walking groups, transfer cars, energy transmission systems and remote control in Izmir for nearly 30 years, was founded in 1991 in Kısıkköy in the Menderes district of Izmir.

The company, which has the capacity to produce 1200 lifting and walking groups annually, has been involved in the delivery of 3 major projects in the Danish market as well as supplying cranes to domestic and foreign companies producing wind equipment in Turkey.

On the other hand, the firm has so far provided support for more than 100 projects in Izmir and Balıkesir.


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