HR Policy

Guralp Vinc ve Makine is a big family with 270 employees carrying on business in Turkey as Izmir Head Office and five regions (Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Konya)

Our aim is to integrate creative and entrepreneur individuals, who are open to new ideas and changes, fast, confident, can think strategically, aim to develop themselves and business and become an enterprise that all of our employees will be proud of.

Our human resources strategies as Guralp are established in such a way that vision and mission of GURALP is supported. While shaping future of our colleagues pursuant to their expectations, creating opportunities to increase their efficiency and success at their duties is our basic approach.

Accordingly, GURALP acts:

-         To create proper environment for its employees to develop both personally and professionally,

-         To establish and operate systems to utilize individual differences correctly,

-         To measure and evaluate performance with objective criteria.

-         To award high performance, to support performance lower than the expected.

Our ideal: To create a big family to comprise of employees who will create value added to the company by their works, integrate future plans of the enterprise with their career route, find the same ground for the company targets and personal targets and to sustain it.

Training and development

GURALP organizes training activities to contribute to professional and personal development of the employees. The objective of the training is to support employees to give certain knowledge, skill and behaviours to them and to enable them to adopt them to their lives. By the trainings, it is aimed to increase efficiency of our employees, to follow advancing technology and raise future managers of our company.

Performance Management

Our company aims to determine aspects of our employees being open to development by evaluating performances of our employees in line with the objectives and strategies and contribute accordingly.

Career management

Our priorities include utilizing employees at each level achieving the goals continuously, developing competences, willing to take responsibility, developing them and making career plans.

Waging system

A wage policy in compliance with steps designated in accordance with market conditions, to pay the accurate wages to the accurate job and to protect the intra-company balance, is implemented.

Recruitment process

The purpose of selection and placement practices is to integrate candidates who will keep pace with corporate culture and to attain sustainable success by this means. Recruitment to support vision and mission of GURALP is aimed without discrimination in selection placement process.

Technical knowledge and skill is introduced to the employees by the position and also experienced and assertive persons based on the requirements of the position are chosen.

Course of the process

Human resources and department managers work in corporation in the process of selection and placement performed to ensure placing the candidates in proper jobs. Human resources department manage the pre-evaluation process and invites the candidate to the interview.

Conformity of the candidate with the corporate culture and matching qualities of the candidate with the position is controlled and then the candidate is interviewed by the department manager to assess professional knowledge of the candidate. The result is notified to the candidate when the selection process is completed.


If you would like to work with Guralp, you may apply via the below form or apply via the job advertisements on career sites.

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