Sixth International Symposium on innovative technologies in engineering and Science

After September November 29-30, 2017, the fifth International Symposium on innovative technologies in engineering and Science (HEATS2018) was held in Alanya/Antalya Wome Deluxe Hotel, a historical and touristic place, between November 09-11, 2018 in cooperation with academic Platform, Sakarya University, Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University and Bursa Technical University.After successful organizations have been realized with the contributions of more than 100 universities and academics from 30 different countries to date, in the sixth event, we came together to share the international experiences of engineers and basic scientists around the world.

At the ISTES 2018 Symposium, GÜRALP shared our work on" design and production of Transfer cars used in Marble sector "and" rapid prototyping construction and production of objects using 3D printing technology " with scientists from all over the world working in the field of engineering and basic sciences.Today, the interpretation of knowledge has gained great importance within the stages of holistic approach. In honor of this symposium; it is seen as a great opportunity for a reliable and realistic interpretation of scientific findings, known as Object-Oriented Analysis, carried out by examining the different dimensions and characteristics of scientific fields within the scope of scientific methods. It is obvious that the symposium will contribute to the future scientific activities, research and projects of the participants by applying the content and scope of the symposium as well as the wide-perspective approach and solution methods to basic science and engineering subjects.

The articles written and presented by our R & D center employee Abdurrahman AYDIN can be found at the following links. 

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